1. This Saturday - May 18th from 12pm-5pm at the 2700-2800 block of West Girard Ave! SideCar is one of the many amazing sponsors participating. Don’t forget your FREE ride to the festival so you don’t have to worry about parking. 


  2. Incase you’re a little late to the party…

    MY Ride is YOUR Ride!


  3. SideCarPHL’s HotSpots this weekend!


  4. Howard’s Driver Story (he’s originally from Philly!)


  5. How Driving for SideCar Works


    Think you have what it takes? Apply Now!


  6. What’s it like to be a SideCar Community Driver?

    SideCar is a smartphone app that matches regular drivers in their own car with people nearby who need a ride. Think of us as matchmakers for the perfect ride - right when you want it, cheaper than a cab, and no cash necessary!